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Pig 7 of Berlin

They call themselves PIG7 and specialize in Royal Enfield, Ural, XS 650 and other classic iron. They also are well known for a decent service and affordable prizes. And they have spme real beautiesfor sale!

pig 7

Click into their logo to learn more about this Berlin icon and their used motorcycles.

They did it again.

Despite all prophets of doom, the Harley Days of Hamburg (23.6.-25.6.) happened again. Dentists and Lawyers showed off their shiny sleds. Buttons, badges, and apparel were on sale as ever. The spirit of the freedom on two wheels, which we all enjoyed so much, disappeared in the exhaust fumes of 8.000 Harleys, when the parade started, with riders like lemmings following their leader. If you suffer from an inferiority complex or need to brush up your ego, this is the right place to go to. Prepare your visit in time!

Rauchs Café and Bar

rauchs cafe

.....is the place for the those guys, who can't leave their bike home and even ride in steady drizzle. Sure they know what to expect at Rauchs Café: the best coffee in the town of Bremen, Germany.

Quote of the month:

"If I had wanted to make a life long career out of working with the mentally retarded, I would have either gone into Special Ed or opened up a Harley-Davidson dealership..."  - Christopher T. Shields (Black Echo)


Picture of the month

tew exhaust

Pattalung, in Trang Province, Thailand, is the town where the Pattalung Riders cultivate their hobby, and show their choppers at various bike meetings throughout Thailand and Malaysia. Here you see the side view of Tews chopper, more underneath.

At the Hat Yai bike week a bro named Tew was the star of the show with his home made chopper. The complete bike, except the stock blockhead, was built up by Tew himself. tank top

Beside the perfect molding the bike shows some neat details, like the face

springer front forks or the paint job on the top of the tank. Sure thing, Tew can be proud of the outcome of his chopper, which outweighs any hardship or privation during the building period.


More pictures in a resolution of 1280 pixel width can be seen on a sub site. Here is the link:


Just click into one of the thumbnails and proceed with "next" or "previous"


About 140 miles north of the Harley Davidson factory in Wisconsin, you will find Brian's shop. Brian sells primarily Harley-Davidson motorcycles, which can be damaged due to a falling branch of a tree, or an accident. Thus these bikes are inexpensive and Brian will tell you, what do you have to do, to fix it. Import duties and taxes can be saved and you finally end up with a sound ride for the price you can afford. Brian ships worldwide.


Classic Iron

They will never die. They will be kept in shape and passed on to the sons or daughters of their respective owners. Either American or British motorcycles are their favourite toys. Here it is Wichit from Hat Yai, who proudly owns this 1955 BSA M33. Sometimes it does not have to be a Harley. Click into the photo for a larger view.

Parking for us

All of us have seen this or a similar sign somewhere already. But this one is completely different. The sign is a downright lie. Click into the photo and find out what will happen to your bike when you park it underneath the sign. No matter what you ride, you will be surprised.


Seen in Ban Phru

This wonderful road sign is located in a suburb of Hat Yai. It advises you, to speed up your vehicle,

road sign
to ensure, that you make it over the rails in time, and before the locomotive crosses the street.


Georgia Overdrive?

When you listen to the song "Six days on the road.." by Dave Dudley, you can hear him singing: "...I got ten forward gears, and a Georgia overdrive." But, what the hell is a Georgia Overdrive? Harleys.de lately found out: When you start to go downhill with your vehicle, and disengage the gear into neutral, to go faster just by rolling. Among truckers this is called a Georgia Overdrive. If you want to look for other American slang words you might not understand, have a look at the urban dictionary.


is a proud sponsor of the View Society which supports underprivileged children


View e.V.


in Thailand. And you should too, as the new invoices for the upcoming school term are almost due. Every single donor will have constant access to the accounting online, and will exactly know how the money is being spent. The society is recognized by the government of Germany. Donations are tax deductible. Tell us, do you have barbwire in your pockets?



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